American Jiu Jitsu

The Proposal

Executive Summary

The Last Bastion

American Jiu-Jitsu will highlight all of the unique American identity themes that are currently vanishing from our cultural consciousness. These are the principles that are grounded in America's genesis and history - they are what makes this country unique. For them to be fully understood and practiced by a population, principles of this caliber must be embodied in institutions - mainly religion and family. Both these institutions are in a state of decline, and an avenue is needed to instruct and preserve these values for an entire culture. This is where American Jiu-Jitsu steps in and doesn't just become a hybrid fighting art but the last bastion of American identity that sets the spark for a generational revival of the American spirit. In this presentation scheme, I think American Jiu-Jitsu gains a tremendous amount of political and social potential. We are creating a lifestyle that is a repository of all the values we live by.

Case and point: role of samurai and bushido culture in japan. It's time to create the American correlation.

the birth

The 4 staples below define our scope to expose the brilliance of your product's mission, and allows us to take the conceptualization and apply it in practicality as a necessity in the global market.

Market Placement

Committed service of 2 months

Consulting global partnerships mapping and structureIdentifying opportunities and securing models to access channels and develop brand verticals.

Developing and directing assets to secure demandConsistently evolving strategies, marketing materials and product presentation to keep relevance with demand for both consumers, partners and investors.

Resource sharing and network integrationDeveloping an asset box of partners, investors, collaborators and a like and strategically pitching association designing on internal road map.

Advising public relations strategy and customizing public entryLeveraging road map and partner participation on public announcements, workshops, trade shows, media outlets, and publications.

Product and People

Committed service of 2 months

Consulting demographic specific strategies and entry plans Outlining focus groups and multi strategies that create stickiness amongst different communities and parties to secure concentrated targets for AJJ systems - Apparel, Affiliations, tournaments, etc.

High level influencer relation introductions and strategies of participation Generate market opportunities for influential partnerships, either brands or individuals who see both product benefit and market outcome benefit, creating a face or a community for the brand and venture.

Preparation for road show and investor introductions Leading design and content team to produce most effective assets to present, serve, and secure outside participation from new market opportunities (i.e. SIlicon Valley, Wall Street, Institutions)

Advising and developing strategies to integrate endorsement and institutional engagement
Engaging strategic association with academic institutions, performance centers, professional and olympic communities, organization collabs.

Culture and Cohort

Committed service of 2 months

Weekly touchpoint designed to support key leadership max output with the designated lead
Lead integration of globally recognized performance centers, apparel, gear, and merchandise, Game Plan -for leadership development, accountability, peak performance coaching on mental and emotional maximization of all participants in AJJ systems.

Advise key cultural musts and strategies to integrate principle and brand as the product
Consistent management of principle philosophy living in brand presentation, architecting language, visual, and sound of the team.

Organize venture values, principles, and identity as a digestible philosophy designed to secure alignment with all participants of venture
Securing accountability and alignment with understanding across the board on internal and external associations.

Consulting utilization of culture and building an aligned cohort as the community that forms the identity of the brand
Exposing the depth of the team behind, in front, ahead of the venture's mission.

Product Process

Committed service of 2 months

Weekly touchpoint with secondary lead on process orientation on all cycles necessary for venture progression-Human Resources

Sales and Marketing
Investor Relations
Brand, Identity, and Design

brand language

Brand language is the body of words, phrases, and terms that an organization uses. Brand language and it’s tone is used to help consumers connect to a brand, its personality and its promise.

The few pointers below summarize modifications that can be made during the process of content creation. Reception of brand identity and product begins at the level of presentation. Hence, effective terminology, persuasive rhetoric, and clear concepts are necessary.

Terminology and Style

  • Terms should be selectively chosen for their brevity, meaning, and accurate representation of ideas.
  • Once represented, ideas should thematically interrelate to form a coherent concept.
  • Reliance on standardized terminology affects content style - innovative art should be reflected in innovative language.
  • Reflecting the Groundbreaking dimension of art itself  is achieved through parallelism in tone, and requires using the most up-to date language allowed by the product
  • Terminology should psychoanalytically determined - ie.they speak to both brand identity and audience (age, culture, patterns of thought, contemporary aesthetic trends) 

  • Unique content allows for the crafting of a story that incorporates moral, philosophical, and even historical themes that allows the listener to situate the product within a personalized framework which enables greater participation and more profound attachment.
  • There is tremendous story play involving the eclectic appropriation of fighting styles, each with its story, genesis and development, and applied to a relevant context (contemporary society)

creative expression

Creative expression is the ability to use our minds and imaginations to create something that represents ourselves or the entity we are representing


A logo is a symbol or other design adopted by an organization as its forward-facing representing mark. The Logo itself serve as a mouth of a company.
All branding and visual representations are spoken through the Logo, and its importance is the absolute pinnacle of a company. A logo is what consumers interact with and wish to be associated with.

Brand Development

We provide a complex and custom method of a multi-view perspective consisting of several iterations, providing a truly global perspective of how the client aspires the company/entity to be viewed. Brand Development consists of Naming, Imagery, Usage of space and negative space, Color pallets, Typography, Audio Branding, Soundscape design, Sizing, Formatting, Grids, Iconography, Illustrations, graphic design and other visual and audible communication methods.

Web Curation

Proper Web curation is when a brand hosts the online space and not the online space hosting the brand. Dominating its own space is the absolute key to a successful online and offline presence.
This is accomplished through Design, Development, Social Media presence and marketing, Facebook Business leveraging Facebook and Instagram advertising, E-Commerce and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


E-Commerce is not just “Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet”, but rather an experience by design accompanied by a well crafted strategy.
This is accomplished through strategizing a “gorilla style” launch campaign, product conept testing/measuring,  social media and email campaign coordination, hype building and of course, development and design.


Presentation is everything. It's usually the first impression of a company or a new product launch, and the package the contents being revealed in are an opportunity for a company's brand to shine.
Our Presentation modeling consists of PDF’s, PPT’s, Interactive Web Links, Videos, Renderings and Animation. Whatever gets the job done and drops jaws.