Be Human / Branding, Identity, Naming & Logo

beHuman is behavioral tool with a strong social play. 

Our platform is designed to provide content on real life experiences of meaning and impact generated by a user base with the desire to inspire or be inspired by intention based posts.  Our platform has been built to educate users on how to protect their digital mark and walk users through experiences that expose the best version of their true character. 

The logo explained

We® created the Be Human logo to embody the ever-evolving, forward-moving nature of being Human. The logo is fluid with a futuristic spirit; the Be Human logo is ready for primetime. Its development priority was that it read well digitally at all scales and was flexible and desirable to the extent that one would expect to see it as retail storefront signage and wish to rock it on a hoodie, snapback, or Tee. Something people want to wear, drink and live.




Warm Red C

We® chose Pantone® Warm Red C as the official Be Human color tone for the Humans with red blood. 

The universe is angry and using social media to abuse the need and desire of acceptance by weaponizing language and promoting bullying. beHuman intends to manipulate that desire of acceptance by educating users on how and what the narrative of what your public presence can be by incentivizing users to contribute solutions with intentions of inspiring acts and thoughts.
Develop and design an experience that allows users to feel the value of their presence in this world with their capacity of who and what they are.
We® exposed what being human means.

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