The November 2021 CR18 Superbowl Event Proposal
Phase II

Executive Summary

Opportunities For Creatives

CR18 is a foundation that began to help solve the emotional and mental health epidemic by giving creatives the freedom to expose and express their value through art and creativity. We work to provide opportunities for those without access to materials and knowledge. We seek to destigmatize any negative connotations about mental health and/or therapy, as well as the creative space itself. Many are discouraged from following a creative career because of the implications of not making any money, not being a real job, and so on. We want to provide information and avenues for creatives to take if they decide to get more involved in the creative space.

The primary services of CR18 will be providing opportunities for creatives to grow and experience new mediums. We will provide scholarships to aspiring creatives based on various criteria. CR18 will provide a tutoring program, connecting more unknown artists to more experience in the creative space. We will feature up-and-coming creatives and help fund some of their ventures to further their growth. We will also provide resources to those who have little to nothing to work with. In addition, CR18 will connect with established creatives, break down their view on the art world, and get their help to make it safer for everyone to be creatively free.

We seek to target two groups in specific but are not limited to them: underprivileged communities and athletes. Two sectors demonstrate the universality of mental and emotional pain. Despite the success, economic prosperity, and notoriety, this form of pain is a common experience that binds us together. Focusing on these opposed classes highlights that universality.

the birth

The 4 staples below define our scope to expose the brilliance of your product's mission, and allows us to take the conceptualization and apply it in practicality as a necessity in the global market.

Market Placement

Consulting event partnerships - mapping and structureIdentifying opportunities and securing models to access channels and develop CR18 partners.

Developing assets to secure brand relations Consistently evolving strategies, marketing materials and product presentation to keep relevance with demand for both consumers, partners, community, and investors.

Resource sharing and network integrationDeveloping an asset box of partners, investors, collaborators and a like and strategically pitching association designing on internal road map.

Advising public relations strategy and customizing public entryLeveraging road map and partner participation on public announcements, workshops, trade shows, media outlets, events, and publications.

Product and People

Consulting demographic specific strategies and entry plans Outlining focus groups and strategies that create stickiness amongst different communities and parties to secure concentrated targets for CR18 generating content, donors, and clout as a non profit organization leading expression.

High level influencer relation introductions and strategies of participation Generate market opportunities for influential partnerships, either brands or individuals who see both product benefit and market outcome benefit, creating a face or a community for the brand and venture.

Preparation for donor introductions Leading design and content  to produce most effective assets to present, serve, and secure outside participation from new market opportunities.

Advising and developing strategies to integrate endorsement and institutional engagement
Engaging strategic association with academic institutions, performance centers, professional and olympic communities, organization collabs.

Culture and Cohort

Weekly touchpoint designed to support key leadership
Support and expose the personal development and learnings adopted from Tareq to Shayne, by creating vertices for leadership to pursue for brand awareness.

Advise key cultural musts and strategies to integrate principle and brand as the product
Consistent management of principle philosophy living in brand presentation, architecting language, visual, and sound of the team to reflect Dante Pettis purpose.

Organize venture values, principles, and identity as a digestible philosophy designed to secure alignment with all participants of venture
Securing accountability and alignment with understanding across the board on internal and external associations- Defining the values that create CR18 and the CR18 community.

Consulting utilization of culture and building an aligned cohort as the community that forms the identity of the brand
Exposing the depth of the team behind, in front, ahead of the venture's mission.

Product Process

Weekly touchpoint with secondary lead on process orientation on all cycles necessary for venture progression-Human Resources

Performance tracking

Sales and Marketing- Products/Space

Partner Donor Relations- Advise Stickiness

Brand, Identity, and Design

Reporting- Principle updates to share with donors and partners

brand language

Brand language is the body of words, phrases, and terms that an organization uses. Brand language and its tone are used to help consumers connect to a brand, its personality, and its promise. The few pointers below summarize modifications that can be made during the process of content creation. Reception of brand identity and product begins at the level of presentation. Hence, effective terminology, persuasive rhetoric, and clear concepts are necessary.

The few pointers below summarize modifications that can be made during the process of content creation. Reception of brand identity and product begins at the level of presentation. Hence, effective terminology, persuasive rhetoric, and clear concepts are necessary.

Terminology and Style

  • Terms should be selectively chosen for their brevity, meaning, and accurate representation of ideas.
  • Terms need to balance depth of understanding and communicability. Sophistication of understanding ought to be shown to separate CR18 from the myriad of other artistic organizations, while simultaneously giving people a common language to understand the convergence between mental health and art
  • Once represented, ideas should thematically interrelate to form a coherent argument. Ideas that require logical flow include the relationship between pain and creativity, art and catharsis, athletes and contemporary mental health discourse, etc.
  • Reliance on standardized terminology affects content style - innovative art should be reflected in innovative language.
  • A fluid lexicon that combines scientific, philosophic and aesthetic vernacular. Art and mental health overlap a variety of different disciplines and specification of language style must be made. 
  • Terminology should be psychoanalytically determined, and speak to both brand identity and audience (age, culture, patterns of thought, contemporary aesthetic trends)

  • Unique content allows for the crafting of a story that incorporates moral, philosophical, and even historical themes that allows the listener to situate the product within a personalized framework which enables greater participation and more profound attachment.
  • Story potential here is largely narrative based – stories of overcoming obstacles which center around the generative dimension of pain, and redemptive power of art must be crafted
  • In a world of political and social division, story play should capitalize on the universality of the mental health struggles to create cultural continuity. CR18 doesn just heal pain, its creates culture!

creative expression

Creative expression is the ability to use our minds and imaginations to create something that represents ourselves or the entity we are representing

Event Page

A landing page specifically designed to promote the Superbowl Event. This landing page is a CR18 branded destination page designed to provide specific event-related information for future attendees, and social media lead audiences and press gather the desired data. This even page is also an opportunity to deliver the hype surrounding this event capturing interest from those unfamiliar with CR18 and funneling them to the leading CR18 site for a greater CR18 understanding.

Social Media

We are leveraging the already established followers of Instagram and Facebook to educate them on the upcoming “CR18” Superbowl Event.
This announcement will be the first release of the CR18 brand, so our opportunity is multifold for many. Together, We® and CR18 will make sure to have several CR18 branded posts to schedule strategically, leading up to the Superbowl event. Additionally, the event itself will supply "after-party" content to recap the event for those unable to attend.


The CR18 Superbowl LVI 2022 Event Invites are a fantastic branding opporuntity.
Whether these invites are designed for Email, Text, or Paper, they all embody the unique CR18 brand, esthetic, voice, and personality that CR18 will quickly be known as and for.


E-Commerce is not just “Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet”, but rather an experience by design accompanied by a well crafted strategy.
This is accomplished through strategizing a “gorilla style” launch campaign, product concept testing/measuring, social media and email campaign coordination, hype building, and of course, development and design. This CR18 shop will be designed to remain a permanent installation of the CR18 main site launching on the back of the event.

The Tangible Product

From a CR18 Superbowl LVI 2022 Official Event Tee to the CR18 Classic branded hoodies, this shop will be irresistible.
We® will develop the artwork for the event swag and the staple “Original CR18” branded product line. A great start to an ongoing and continually growing shop, positioning CR18 to release future variations and Limited Edition Series drops by new up and coming artists worldwide.

This shop will be irresistible, from the CR18 Superbowl LVI 2022 Official Event Tee to the CR18 Classic branded hoodies, we expect and welcome the moment we see the words, “SOLD OUT”.