This Brand, Design , and Identity proposal outlines the scope of work and pricing of our services. If you have any questions, please contact The We Group directly over email or phone.

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Executive Summary

Working Title (Daily Practice) is pursuing its vision to become a player developing an identity and brand in the Skin Care products sector of health.

The approach and brand will present inclusion of gender neutral products and presentations to solve for joining the table of premium products that make end users beg for association.

The We Group will take lead on innovation of designing product options that fulfill the desired Industrial feel and look with capabilities to attract extremes between outdoors and high end luxury. The We Group will create an experience in product presentation that welcomes the users to “join the club” and give the end user the permission to adopt the product and not feel an ounce of judgement. We will develop an identity with key thoughts on mind and on our idea board that entail, foreign prestige, if you know then you know, details that make principle proud.

The We Group prides itself on only collaborating with thought leaders and game changers who feel understood and seek to understand and value the creativity of our team, which leads to faster and more efficient delivery and development times. "If you get it then you get it and if you don't, move out of the way"

The We Group has demonstrated significant business and brand development achievements, helping our clients garner lasting results. We plan to secure and provide Working Title Daily Practice with great success as a force in the industry through our capabilities in design, branding, advertising, and marketing.

The Process

A creative process in graphic design is to set clear milestones and deadlines, ensuring timely delivery of the project. By its nature, creativity is hard to harness into a predictable and linear set of stages, but it is essential.

While the exact milestone completion dates may vary by 1 to 2 days, we stick to a tight schedule and follow the process outlined below:

Milestone Timeline
Client Discovery 1st — 5th day after signing
Industry Discovery 1st — 5th day after signing
Principle Game Plan 5th day after signing
Brand Ideals 5th day after signing
Sketching 5th — 20th day after signing
Product Placement Identification 10th day after signing
Philosophical Understanding 10th day after signing
Values Outline 15th day after signing
Social Placement and Visuals 15th day after signing
Drafting Designs 20th — 35th day after signing
Refinement 35th — 40th day after signing
Development of collateral and branding materials 40th — 60th day after signing

Fees & Finances

Brainstorming to Discovery 
3 direction options based on conversations with “Working Title Daily Practice”.  3-Draft rough comp process. 

Logo and Branding
Consulting on brand identity
Q&A discussion
Logo design 
3 change requests / iterations are included in the price
Complete Brand book 
Logo Pack .zip delivered with AI, EPS, PDF and PNG files (All other files available upon request), Spacing guides, Color palettes (Hex, RGB, CMYK and Pantone), Font/type information, Do’s & Don’ts, Social Media Guides, Letterhead lock up Guides & all application guides necessary for internal, printers and all 3rd parties.

Product development & Outline
Culture Construction Disrupting thought, narrative and market
Personal development & Outline Game plan to incorporate correlations of personal values to entity

Integrating Overview of principle desire into product experience
Comparing market leader traits and strategies to market relevance
Designing with vision of landing on multi market radar
Associating with best features of inspirational brands
Being Mindful of reason products must exist
Packaging must fulfil principles key desires and research
Naming process fulfills an edge on the market

Total $40,120.00