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Deep in thought, trying to merge the love and appreciation for luxuries that come by way of pain, grit, and discomfort, I found myself pushing hard to solve for the question to be answered. As always, clarity surfaces when you’re in a state of healing the anxiety and stress. In my reflection post a brutal leg day at the gym, I was doing precisely that as I was soaking up the steam and heat post-workout. When it hits me, the brand needs to have an identity that exists and has been felt. Things were coming together, and I was getting excited, then I had this moment where I got stuck, and I smacked myself with both hands and said, 

“Come on T, don’t be a dumbo.”

Boom. Dumbo.

Dumbo / The Name

Dumbo Brooklyn
Expensive, Industrial, Attitude,Inspiration hub of the world.
Dumbo the elephant
As the preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically and aesthetically significant".

5 Letters - Strong for branding

Fun, light, its inviting enough that its safe to adopt, so you aren't taken serious but you knows its serious because of its cost and use.

Fulfils the edge desired by the creative and motivated communities, companies, and consumers

The Dumbo Logo/Identity Wordmark Direction ︎︎︎


For strong rough hands. Mountain climbing hands. Outdoors. For those that camp with their toothbrush in their back pocket.
Iteration No.1 Applied
Dumbo Organic Hand Balm
“It’s not white. It’s off-white.”

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