The Genex Proposal


We are looking forward to sharing our perspective and collaborating with such thought leaders and determined entrepreneurs to shape and modify how the world should view health and wellness. Our proposal below outlines our capabilities which we believe align with your needs to expose, engage, and explore endless opportunities to install your ventures model.

Tareq Azim

The We® Group

as we® see it

Genex seeks to become a dominant force in the emerging field of elementology and anti-aging science.

The existing infrastructure has the requisite scientific ethos necessary in securing a strong market presence. Further developments include specifying product features, composing a reputable brand identity, and expanding partnership base.

The We Group will take initiative in solidifying market placement through the acquisition of key partnerships, development of strategies, crafting of integration schemes, and providing public relations models ensuring immediate and sustainable market presence. This includes expanding investor base, and devising specific approaches for a wider inclusion process that extends to influential brands, academic institutions, public policy and endorsement agencies, and high-level influencers. We group will also lead the creation of a brand culture and cohort to ensure internal operations accurately represent brand identity and market objectives. Further services include technical modifications at the level of aesthetic presentation and language. The latter includes ensuring all content is communicated in the most persuasive and rhetorically effective manner – be it a written or oral. Linguistic style will complement brands aesthetic orientation.

The We Group has demonstrated significant business and brand development achievements, helping our clients garner lasting results. We plan to secure and provide Genex with great success as a force in an emerging industry through our capabilities in design, branding, advertising, and marketing.

the birth

The 4 staples below define our scope to expose the brilliance of your product's mission, and allows us to take the conceptualization and apply it in practicality as a necessity in the global market.

Market Placement

Committed service of 6 months

Consulting global partnerships mapping and structureIdentifying opportunities and securing models to access channels

Developing and directing assets to secure demandConsistently evolving strategies, marketing materials and product presentation to keep relevance with demand

Resource sharing and network integrationDeveloping an asset box of partners, investors, collaborators and a like and strategically pitching association designing on internal road map.

Advising public relations strategy and customizing public entryLeveraging road map and partner participation on public announcements, workshops, trade shows, media outlets, and publications

Product and People

Committed service of 6 months

Consulting demographic specific strategies and entry plans Outlining focus groups and multi strategies that create stickiness amongst different communities and parties

High level influencer relation introductions and strategies of participation Generate market opportunities for influential partnerships, either brands or individuals who see both product benefit and market outcome benefit, creating a face or a community for the brand and venture

Preparation for road show and investor introductions Leading design and content team to produce most effective assets to present, serve, and secure outside participation from new market opportunities (i.e. SIlicon Valley, Wall Street, and US based venture sector

Advising and developing strategies to integrate endorsement and institutional engagement
Engaging strategic association with academic institutions, performance centers, industry wellness concierge services and innovative concepts on wellness and optimization across global spectrum

Culture and Cohort

Committed service of 6 months

Weekly touchpoint designed to support key leadership max output with the designated lead
Lead integration of globally recognized performance optimization tool, Game Plan -for leadership development, accountability, peak performance coaching on mental and emotional maximization

Advise key cultural musts and strategies to integrate principle and brand as the product
Consistent management of principle philosophy living in brand presentation, architecting language, visual, and sound of the team

Organize venture values, principles, and identity as a digestible philosophy designed to secure alignment with all participants of venture
Securing accountability and alignment with understanding across the board on internal and external associations

Consulting utilization of culture and building an aligned cohort as the community that forms the identity of the brand
Exposing the depth of the team behind, in front, ahead of the venture's mission

Product Process

Committed service of 6 months

Weekly touchpoint with secondary lead on process orientation on all cycles necessary for venture progression-Human Resources

Sales and Marketing
Investor Relations
Brand, Identity, and Design

brand language

Brand language is the body of words, phrases, and terms that an organization uses. Brand language and it’s tone is used to help consumers connect to a brand, its personality and its promise.

The few pointers below summarize modifications that can be made during the process of content creation. Reception of brand identity and product begins at the level of presentation. Hence, effective terminology, persuasive rhetoric, and clear concepts are necessary.

Concise Terminology

  • Terms should be selectively chosen for their brevity, meaning, and accurate representation of ideas.
  • Eliminate redundant terms, and remove cliché expressions that generalize the brand as opposed to giving it unique and distinctive articulation.

Cutting-edge Language

  • Reliance on standardized terminology effects content style
  • Groundbreaking dimension of science itself should be reflected in the kinds of terms used. This is achieved through parallelism in tone, and requires using the most up-to date language allowed by the product

Thematic Reorganization

  • Persuasive content can be organized according to a thematic structure (e.g. problem-cause-solution) which ensures logical clarity and rhetorical effect.
  • Improper thematic organization hinders reader ability to identify the benefits/impacts of product, for this is only understood if sequence is followed.

Compelling titles/Section headers

  • Titles should pull the reader in and maintain some level of ambiguity as this provokes curiosity and intrigue

  • Unique content allows for the crafting of a story that incorporates moral, philosophical, and even historical themes that allows the listener to situate the product within a personalized framework which enables greater participation and more profound attachment. 

  • Story play with products involving culminations of years of scientific development dedicated to tackling fundamental problems (e.g. again) have tremendous story play potential.