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Hoorsenbuhs is an American fine jewelry house and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles.

California-based Hoorsenbuhs was created by partners Robert Keith and Kether Parker in 2005. The fine jewelry brand derives its name from an 18th-century Dutch trading ship that Keith’s ancestors once sailed on. Rihanna, David Beckham and Kanye West are all fans of the brand, and there’s little question as to why. Hoorsenbuhs’s designs are sleek and classic with their signature tri-link emblem, a symbol of “strength, quality, and continuous opulence.” Whether you prefer a minimal look or love to shine radiantly with diamonds, Hoorsenbuhs offers an array fine jewelry for every aesthetic.

We® Created the Hoorsenbuhs haitch and it’s Tri-Link®

We® took the first letter of Hoorsenbuhs (Haitch), formed it, refined it, flipped it, and linked it to create an elegant resemblance of a ship chain that gave homage to the very roots of Hoorsenbuhs and its ocean/sea heritage. The birth of the Hoorsenbuhs Tri-Link® was born.

The incorporation of the logo into the product itself was paramount. We needed to create a flexible mark to integrate itself into the Hoorsenbuhs environment and one that would spearhead the luxury brand itself.

We® chose Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20

Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20 was chosen as the Hoorsenbuhs official Wordmark font. It is a sans-serif typeface first designed in 1948 by Jackson Burke (1908–1975), who continued to work on further style-weight combinations (eventually 14 in all) until 1960 while he was director of type development for Linotype in the USA. The family includes three weights and three widths.

Like many gothic fonts of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Trade Gothic is more irregular than many other sans-serif families that came later, especially later ones like Helvetica and Univers.

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