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We protect efforts designed to serve and secure peace for the threatened.

Nickel Group has been positioned with assets to lead as a player in the private security sector, approaching complex and high-risk solutions. We® have been able to communicate that message through all visually engaging approaches.

The Nickel Group required a Logo Mark and Symbol that exudes its discreet presence. The Nickel symbol represents the intelligence behind its strategy in a space where the competition traditionally relies on brute force and muscle as their prominent and forward feature. Hidden in plain sight, the Nickel "N" reveals itself when necessary and always covers/protects that which it serves.

Confidence lies in sophistication, and the Nickel Group has identified a bespoke community with needs very few in the industry that can serve for long-standing, sustainable relations.
To attract some of the world's most elite security operators, clients, and partnerships seeking associations that go above and beyond the moment. Mindful, conscious, and capable of being ahead of the curve is what the We® group has advised and designed for the brand identity and presentation of The Nickel Group.
A confident force protecting your interest.


Protecting Icons

We® conceived and created the 4 custom Nickel animated icons, representing each verticle Nickel serves to protect.

Family Protection

We® Created, Nickel’s Operators Coin®


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