The Moza Method

“A collaborative response to democratize the private health experience ”

This Brand, Design , and Identity proposal outlines the scope of work and pricing of our services. If you have any questions, please contact The WE Group directly over email or phone.

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Executive Summary

Dr. Kapil Moza is to create an elevated approach to expose the Moza Method and the practice of neurology and spinal care. It develops an experience that correlates to the environment designed to give patients the most optimal outcome in a process designed to secure a quality post-op life. The Moza Method presents patients with the highest grade in quality equipment, technology, care, rehabilitation, sterility, and community.

Our development process is organizing the intentions of Dr. Moza to bring his service and practices to scale by developing guiding tools to support the evolution of a defined philosophy that becomes the core to the identity of the mission at hand.

The IDENTITY we will define and be utilized as the BRAND that exposes the PHILOSOPHY the principle (Dr. Kapil Moza) seeks to have embraced by alignment and understanding of peers and patients.

The We Group has demonstrated significant business and brand development achievements, helping our clients garner lasting results. We plan to secure and provide The Moza Method with great success as a force in the industry through our capabilities in design, branding, advertising, and marketing.

The Process

A creative process in graphic design is to set clear milestones and deadlines, ensuring timely delivery of the project. By its nature, creativity is hard to harness into a predictable and linear set of stages, but it is essential.

While the exact milestone completion dates may vary by 1 to 2 days, we stick to a tight schedule and follow the process outlined below:

Milestone Timeline
Client Discovery 1st — 5th day after signing
Industry Discovery 1st — 5th day after signing
Principle Game Plan 5th day after signing
Brand Ideals 5th day after signing
Sketching 5th — 20th day after signing
Product Placement Identification 10th day after signing
Philosophical Understanding 10th day after signing
Values Outline 15th day after signing
Social Placement and Visuals 15th day after signing
Drafting Designs 20th — 35th day after signing
Refinement 35th — 40th day after signing
Development of collateral and branding materials 40th — 60th day after signing

Fees & Finances

Logo and Branding
Consulting on brand identity
Logo design 3 change requests / iterations are included in the price
Complete Brand book 

Website & Domain
Consulting on content and brand strategy
Domain name / Hosting consulting Aquisition & DNS Modification are included in the price
Email setup 
Design & Launch Based on current assessment of live content at

Total $19,500 
40% discount on activation and new relation

Hosting fees
Image, audio, video & font licensing
Price subject to change and vary - 3rd party service and asset dependent. All changes to this fee requires client approval at that time.
Email Maintenance Alias on-demand set up & removals for groups and individuals)
Domain name management
Purchases, DNS management, sub domain set up, forwards, contact and admin updates, etc
Storage fee of all assets

Total $499/yr